Facility & Event Operations

Jeff Stroud
General Manager

Jud W. Heflin
Director of Planning and Logistics

Paul Turner
Director of Event Operations & Security

Scott Woodrow
Director of Stadium Engineering

Susan Skaggs
Director of Civic Affairs

Tod Martin
Director of Stadium Projects

Dwin E. Towell
Director of Broadcast Engineering Services

Steve Epperson
Director of Housekeeping

Royce Mitchell
Conversion Manager

Brian Bethea
Security Manager

Brett Arendt
Security Manager

Vincent Tran
Guest Services Manager

Mark Neifeld
Event Manager

Sales and Marketing

Chad Estis
Senior Vice President of Sales and Booking

Doug Dawson
Senior Director of Ticket Sales and Service

Travis Clark
Senior Director of Suite Sales and Marketing

Kasey Mesa
Director of Suite Services


Bill Priakos
VP Merchandising

Carlos Navarro
Sales Manager/Blue Star Graphic Design


Justin Renville
Vice President/General Manager

Amy Pratt
Vice President of Events and Tours

Chef Orazio La Manna
Regional Executive Chef

Georgia Burgess
Senior Director of Premium Services

George Wasai
Director of Food and Beverage

Jeannie Sprufera
Director of Suites Services

Monique Boyd
Director of Catering and Special Events

Monica Brooks
Director of Human Resources

Doug Aydelott
Regional Director of Merchandising

Sean Parent
Director of Merchandising and Tour Operations

Ralph Verdeschi
Director of Finance

AT&T Stadium  •  One AT&T Way  •  Arlington, TX 76011