June 1, 2011,
Art Tour at AT&T Stadium

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ARLINGTON, Texas - On any given Sunday, everything can change in a split-second. That's why big plays, explosive hits, even questionable calls are so important to sports. With them, momentum shifts, games turn and winners rise above losers.

The above is only a part of the explanation for Blue Field Explosions (2009), the strikingly powerful blue and white bursts that form Gary Simmons' gigantic wall drawing, meant to capture the energy of those decisive moments.

The huge painting is one of 21 monumental pieces making up The Art at AT&T Stadium, which is now more accessible than ever before with the introduction of the venue's Art Tours, as well as The Art at AT&T Stadium Mobile App, available for free on handheld devices everywhere.

Enhancing the iconic architecture of the building, art enthusiasts and sports fans alike can expect to be dramatically impressed by the intellectually penetrating works, a creative and educational opportunity for all ages. The stadium's original 13 commissioned artworks as well as other contemporary pieces and this new expansion of the initiative were conceived, launched and funded by Cowboys owner and general manager Jerry Jones and his wife Gene.

"Our goal was to build more than just a football stadium," Gene Jones said. "We really want this to be a chance for others, who may not be inclined to go to an art museum, to be exposed to it and see it in a different setting, and maybe this will allow them to expand their horizons and look at art in other ways."

Positioned in the grand concourse and many concession areas throughout the building as well as wrapped around many of its walls, the pieces come from acclaimed artists including Franz Ackermann, Lawrence Weiner and Olafur Eliasson.

While tours of the stadium have long allowed visitors the chance to see up close some of the works, The Art at AT&T Stadium is now available even to those who cannot make the trip to the 3.0 million-square foot landmark.

"The App gives fans around the world a chance to view the art," Gene Jones said.

There are two ways to explore the imagination inside AT&T Stadium, either with the help of knowledgeable guides who can explain the meaning of the artists, or on a self-guided tour. Guests can download the App to their own device, or check out an iTouch handset, allowing them to watch videos and learn about the artwork as they experience it firsthand.

"We're excited to offer the new iTouch Art Tour here at the stadium, as well as the regularly scheduled guided tour for those who are interested in coming out and seeing the 21 unique pieces," AT&T Stadium spokesman Brett Daniels said. "It's one of the largest collections in the world, and it's here in our stadium. We've gotten great reviews from all the visitors who have come out to see it as well as museum curators, college professors and others in the art community."

The iTouch Art Tours take place on Mondays and Wednesdays, departing at 10 a.m., 12 p.m. and 2 p.m., and the guided ventures leave at the same times on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

"The artwork is very much needed, I think," said Adrien Johnson, a Copperas Cove, Texas native who toured the facility on Wednesday. "I see it as a great attraction that can bring in a whole different spectrum of people. You learn a lot about why the artists did what they did - why was the piece created in the image it was? What was their whole story? - it takes you on a little journey to know where they came from and how they felt when they came up with their work. It's really well put together."

In addition to the four days a week the Art Tours are held, fans can visit AT&T Stadium any day for VIP Guided Tours or Self-Guided Tours, which include access to the field, club areas, the postgame interview room, as well as the locker rooms of the Cowboys and Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders.

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