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Far Beyond Football Cowboys Security Guard Evolves Into Stadium's Art Ambassador
One passionate Dallas Cowboys fan helped curate 58 pieces of world-class contemporary art housed at AT&T Stadium in Arlington.

But, what Jerry Jones and his family really want you to know is that the man who made it all happen, Phil Whitfield, is now the toast of the art world.

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Far Beyond Football Far Beyond Football
Leave it to forward-thinking Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones to stretch the imagination when building AT&T Stadium, the $1.2 billion testament to the unconventional. From the retractable roof to the 120-foot high glass doors on the end zone plazas, from the canted glass walls to the polished marble floors, the structure in and of itself is an architectural masterpiece, a work of sophistication and grandeur. Download Full Story...
State Of The Art State Of The Art
When you hear the comment that the new AT&T Stadium is "state of the art," you may not realize just how connected to works of art it actually is. In the two years leading up to the stadium opening, the Jones family has been quietly incorporating contemporary art into the architecture of their new facility. And like all things Jones, they have done so on an unprecedented scale.
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Landscapes Of Language And Lushness Landscapes Of Language And Lushness
The walls of most sports stadiums are either a bland concrete gray or are so littered with signs and graphics that they almost disappear. Picture the walls of a stadium as a different kind of landscape, one where imagination flows over them using unexpected gestures and images to engage your senses and mind beyond the goal of selling you a hot dog and a soda.
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Words And Images Words And Images
Continuing a long tradition of art taking pride of place in sports arenas, the AT&T Stadium art program is one of the largest and mot ambitious of its kind in the world. Conceived by the Jones family for all visitors no matter what event they attend, the program encompasses 18 pieces by an international array of artists who work in many different media, from traditional paintings on canvas to large scale installations and murals that take advantage of the stadium's modernist architecture.
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Heads Up! Heads Up!
The four works of art featured in this week's program are among the largest installed in AT&T Stadium. Placed above the four main concession area windows on vast, gently curving walls, these grand works run the artistic gamut from the representational to the abstract, and will no doubt become known as handy landmarks and meeting points for stadium visitors.
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Mesmerizing Creations Mesmerizing Creations
You don't need to be an art critic to see that the new AT&T Stadium is a work of art. From a distance, it looks like an abstract sculpture - its sleek shape and polished surfaces recalling objects often seen in modern museums. From up close, its size and design make an even more powerful impression.
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Integrated Beauty Integrated Beauty
From opening day, it was clear that the new AT&T Stadium was well on its way to changing the way we watch football games. Its wide-open spaces, cutting-edge scoreboard, and luxurious lounges have brought the highest level of elegance to a sport known for its raw power and punishing physicality.
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Bigger And Better Bigger And Better
Bigger isn't always better. But sometimes it is. For the artists commissioned to create works for the new AT&T Stadium, the size of the project and the scale of the works mean a lot. Many artists spoke about being excited to make the biggest works of their lives.
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